The Spey Company began in 2005 as a series of ideas born from frustration at not being able to find a click and pawl reel in the new market at a price I could afford. I knew the look and style that I wanted, but could not find it. I wanted a functional, utilitarian reel with a loud, smooth check. So, I decided to draw a diagram of what I wanted. Within a short time, my original idea had turned into several notebooks full of drawings and ideas. I took my general knowledge of creating my ideas as well as my determination and began building the Symmetry Spey Series reels, thus creating The Spey Company. Now I am offering may reel sizes with a variety of different finishes and hardware options to give an element of customization that was not available to spey anglers previously.

As you can see, any project with merit has a collaboration of many people, and without all the wonderful American companies involved, this project would have been an impossibility. I just want to say thank you to the countless machinists, suppliers, sales people, and engineers whose technical input helped to ensure that I was putting the right elements into my reels to make my product the best it could be.


By supporting my company, you support the fabric that made this country great; your neighbor and mine. I also believe that you can accomplish any goal if you set your mind to it and pour your heart and soul into something. With those ingredients, it can never fail.

Looking to the future, the reels are just the beginning of whats to come. I am always thinking of more outdoor products that I will be developing over the coming years.

 I see products that need improving or just need to be made in an ethical and earth friendly manner, or just need to be produced in a free and open market.

In closing, if there is something you require in your fly fishing needs that you do not see readily available, please contact me. This company is for you. And I love corresponding with fisherman. This, to me, is the best part. I have meet and talked with anglers from all over the world. No question or opinion will be over looked. There are countless handle and engraving options available just waiting for your creative ideas to become a reality on your new spey reel.

CELL: 920-227-5574
FAX: 920- 406-8802